About Elena

I’m an Italian contemporary historian with a particular interest in the past three centuries. My writings focus on the figures of the Italian antifascists, democrats who have continued, after the end of the Second World War, to fight in Italy for a democratic state based on “Justice and Freedom”. (my bibliography is under author Elena Savino on Opac Sbn Italia: http://www.sbn.it/opacsbn/opac/iccu/avanzata.jsp).
I always had a love for photography and practiced quite a bit with analogue cameras in my younger years. It was only, however, with the coming of digital that the photography bug bit me. Since I bought my first digital camera 3 years ago I started a beautiful photography journey that I like to share here on Landscapes and Gazes.

My interests, both in historic research and in photography, are centred on humankind. I like to say that I am interested in the man’s endeavour instead of God’s creation. For this reason above all I take photographs of people I meet. One section of my site is dedicated to portraits, but in the other sections of the site you will also find characters and gazes.

I was never a professional photographer, but I always carried a deep sensitivity for human condition and a real awareness of history, culture and society. All these elements come together in my writings as well as in my photos and driving me me on a passionate research of humankind’s efforts to create a better world.

My perspective of photography has been shaped primarily through my encounter of the work of the major photographers of the XIX and XX century and the harmonious compositions of a past world they captured. With the camera I am looking to do the same with today’s world. To describe my approach to taking a photo, I would like to use the worlds that Robert Doisneau used to describe himself: “I am a fisherman of images”. When the light is shed on the moments of the world I seek to be there to capture them.

I have published a photographic anthology with others, witnessing the surroundings of Lubumbashi and the charity project of AMKA, a no-profit organisation: Occhi sul Congo. Impegno, esperienze… progetti, Amka onlus, Roma, Palombi Editori, 2012.